Monday, November 30, 2020

My Everyday Life [Week 48]

Week 48 was a 2.5 day work week and a nice 4.5 day weekend! 

This juice from Costco is pretty good! I'm not a big ginger fan, so I didn't realize the juice contained it until I got home. It still tastes yummy! 

My intern likes to sit on my desk lately. 
And he stole my seat when I got up to stretch.
It snowed and then promptly melted, but I had a pretty view out my window for the day. 
On Thanksgiving day, we went to Stigler Nature Preserve to hike. Craig didn't know where we were going and I knew we were walking behind my old house, but I had no clue it was actually the woods I used to walk in when I was young. It was fun to see the creek and landscape I explored with my family growing up. We also walked close to my old house and saw the back of it. The trail is about a mile long loop and the paths are wide, which is great for social distancing.
Since we were in New Berlin, we decided to surprise Craig's family with a quick socially distanced visit on Thanksgiving. We hadn't seen them in 11 months. 
Mom and I took advantage of the free entrance to Waukesha County Parks and hiked at Fox River Park. It was her first time there and she enjoyed it. It was my first time hiking through the woods there. 
I Am Greta was excellent! What an inspiration. 
This was really good! 
Typical napping positions. 
I love my WFH lunches. 
I haphazardly threw a blanket on the couch and came back to find Shiva sleeping on it like this. 
Currently reading. I'm halfway through and enjoying it. It has been a very hyped up book this year. I'm hoping the last half is better than the first though.

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