Sunday, December 20, 2020

My Everyday Life [Week 51]

Here's week 51. I can't believe this crazy year is almost over. 

Mom and I with our Mammoth Hike certificates and patches!

A nice winter walk in our neighborhood. 
After nine months of WFH, we finally bought a proper office chair. Craig and I are both not impulsive spenders, so we take our time to find the things we need. Sometimes that is kind of annoying, but in this case, we found a great chair at a good price. 
Craig in the new chair and Pema in the terrible old one. We're going to switch off sharing the new chair since the whole WFH thing is not permanent.  
Loved this baby yoda sign at the library. 
Pema stalking Craig while they walked in circles around the house. 
I ordered us this meal for Christmas from Urban Beets Cafe in Tosa. I really don't feel like cooking and ordering a whole bunch of groceries or going to the store. Let's hope it's delicious! At least it will make the day feel a little more special. All we have to do is warm it up on Christmas. 
Shiva chilling and Pema kneeding on the warm bed. 
Shiva the little poser. 
This BBQ lentil loaf and sweet potato meal from Urban Beets was delicious! 
Looks like a bunch of boring brown bags but it's my zero waste store order from The Glass Pantry. I ordered cous cous, onion powder, cornstarch, berry smoothie powder, and vegan charcoal floss in a refillable glass jar. 
This is so me! If only one of the libraries in our system was one I could walk to. Someday I hope we'll have a house where that is the case. 
A dramatic French movie always cures bad days. And boy was my Thursday pretty awful. 
This is one of my favorite podcasts lately. 
Brunching at home on Saturday with an excellent poetry book I read in one sitting. 
Earl grey tea (my fave) and an ok book. I decided I'm not really into the holiday rom com genre. This was just a nice LFL find so I thought I'd try reading it. 
I went on a solo hike today and it was exactly what I needed. The sunshine and being out in nature felt so healing. 
Solo hiking means I can stop and watch downy woodpeckers eat their lunch. I also watched chickadees and white-breasted nuthatches. I need to join the bird club at Retzer because I'm 40 going on 65. 
Many of the paths at Retzer Nature Center were like this, so after a few close falls, I decided to take the paved or snow free paths instead. 
The park has some new paths, so it was fun to check those out and dream about spring and summer hiking again. 
I finally got a haircut. I think I've only had two this whole year and I haven't been going to my normal salon because I want the fastest cut possible and don't want my hair washed. I pay about 1/4 of what I used to, if not less, and my stylist still does a great job. 

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